Assessment: Contact or Online

To be completed prior to attending a Dsmile Body Balance Training course. 

This is an hour long functional assessement. You are interviewed about your medical history, medical symptoms, including sleep and lifestye. This is followed by analyzing your body balance Posture Screen, as well as several functional tests. A written report is given to you and will be also sent to any therapists / doctors who are involved in ongoing treatment. If you are going to online Assessement we will let you know the way you should take your photos for analysing your body posture and face.

Price of the Dsmile Assessement: 50 EUR.

Dsmile Body Balance Training

90 days (10 sessions) group, one to one contact or online sessions

  • Dsmile KID BBT  for 8-11 years of age
  • Dsmile TEEN BBT 12-14 years of age
  • Dsmile Young BBT Complex for mini adults 15-18 years of age
  • Dsmile ADULT BBT Complex for adults

For children we kindly suggest group sessions. (maximum 6 people) 10 group or one to one sessions over approximately 3-months.

  • All sessions last 60 minutes, each. The last individual session includes the Dsmile Final Assessement. We give you the basic tools for Dsmile Program.
  • Participants of the Dsmile Basic training program will get homework every week. Without doing the homework we cannot guarantee success. We kindly suggest practicing for the whole family, makes more stable knowledge for children. During sessions we give supports. Patients get a “key” to the “door” which they choose to enter. Regular practicing of the exercises makes it possible to unlock this door.
  • Price: Dsmile Body Balance Training - 90 days Program: 600 EUR.
  • Dsmile short program (Weekend 2 days): 450 EUR.
You can reserve your place for group training  with a 30% deposit (the rest should be paid before starting the first session).
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