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Functional Body Balance is the key to your health, curing your problems like minimally invasive healthcare and may prevent many diseases.

  • Do you have a speech, or swallow problem?
  • Do you have asthma?
  • Do you breath through your mouth?
  • Do you snore, or even you have been diagnosed by sleep apnoe?
  • Did your orthodontist recommend to train the muscles around the mouth for supporting orthodontics?
  • Do you suffer from jaw joint problems, headaches or even vocal problems?

The solution is the same.

You need to reestablish functional balance by retraining the muscles of your face and neck. There has been tremendous evidence proving this area is playing a very important role in our health. You can work on the muscles of the body in a gym, but have you ever considered working on the ones which play an essential role in swallowing, breathing and the voice? By regulating the breathing and balance of the muscles around the mouth, many general medical conditions will be improved including the Immune system, behavioral conditions, sport performance, blood pressure are some of the related fields.

Your health is now in your hands. Now you can enter into the new modern and minimally invasive medicine. No pills, no side effects, no visits at a hospital, or MD office,  just long term results and health which is fully controlled by you.

How does that sound?

The combination of breathing training, orofacial myofunctional therapy, speech therapy, vocal training and postural training has a significant result. Finding a therapist that does all of this is a challenge… or is it? 

Dsmile Body Balance is the training program which provides you all the benefits of all of these disciplines in one therapy. 

See what Dsmile Body Balance Training can do for you.

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