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…a multidisciplinary programme of exercise for posture, breathing, and speech and language (voice).

  • How is your posture? Would you like to improve it ?
  • Do you suffer from jaw related problems, headaches or even vocal problems?
  • Are you a mouth breather or suffer from asthma ?
  • Do you snore, or even you have been diagnosed with sleep apnoea?
  • Have you any difficulty swallowing?
  • Are you a teeth grinder?
  • Would you like a programme of exercises that tone up the muscles of the face?
  • At any point did your orthodontist recommend you to train the muscles around your mouth to help support your treatment?

Have you ever considered working on the muscles which play an essential role in breathing, voice and swallowing? There has been tremendous evidence proving this area can play a very important role in our over all health and well being.

By restoring functional balance in the body and reprogramming the muscles of your face, neck, body and voice, many improvements can be made.

Dsmile is an exercise programme that combines postural exercises and physical activity (based on functional movement, primitive reflex exercise, primal movement and pilates) with voice, face and tongue muscle exercise (Orofacial Myology and VoiceGym).

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