Founder of Dsmile Body Balance Training

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Gabi Baracsy MEd

Founder- Master Trainer
of Dsmile Body Balance training

SLP, OM, Master’s Degree in teaching Special Education and qualified as a teacher of Special Needs Education, VoiceGym Instructor – Hungary,

Currently teaches in Budapest, where she works for Dsmile Training and Education Center.

Gabi studied at Eötvös Loránd University Bárczi Gusztáv Faculty of Special Education in Speech Therapy and is the first therapist to have integrated VoiceGym full time into an orthodontic practice, and breathing therapy with terrific results! Along with Alexander Evans founded the Dsmile Body BalanceTraining that combines elements on VoiceGym, speech therapy, orofacial myology and primal movement. In her spare time Gabi loves horse riding and the beautiful countryside that Hungary has to offer.

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Alexander Evans BA (Hons)

Director VoiceGym Limited, VoiceGym Instructor, Body Control Pilates Instructor, CHEK Exercise coach

Alexander is director of VoiceGym. Alexander met Angela Caine whilst studying for his degree at Southampton University and on graduating he continued to study and teach VoiceGym at the Voice and Body Centre. He has also studied and qualified with the CHEK institute here in the UK and is a BodyControl Pilates instructor.

He collaborated with Angela for 18 years primarily studying the effects of dentistry and structural misalignment in ‘performance’ and has taught and help develop VoiceGym and Early VoiceGym. He has coached leading west end artists, opera singers and international recording artists, including Shania Twain in preparation for her residency at Caesars Palace, Las Vegas, as well as dentists, osteopaths, doctors, lawyers and teachers.

Alexander is a consultant, co-founder member of the Dynamic Smile team in Hungary where he has helped set up the first VoiceGym in an orthodontic practice, and visits regularly  to teach.

Along with VoiceGym workshops in the UK and abroad, he also currently runs VoiceGym teacher training workshops at Body Control Pilates headquarters in London and has presented at their development weekends.

He has also forged his own career as an actor / singer performing in West End Musicals, UK and international tours.


Gabor Hermann DMD

Specialist of functional orthodontics, digital orthodontics, evangelist of minimally invasive medicine

Founder of Hungary’s leading orthodontic office, HermannOrtho. International lecturer on the future of the orthodontic specialty. Introduced the new definition of the orthodontics. Expert on digital orthodontics. Opened his 3D digital orthodontic laboratory in 2013 and introduced his digital aligner brand called MyClearBrace. Developed the concept of the new functional paradigm in orthodontics and defined functional orthodontics in 2014. Dsmile BBT is the part of this new functional paradigm in the orthodontic specialty. Developer of the concept of minimally invasive healthcare.

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